impacting ingredients

Hey, aren't you missing a t in ingrediens?

Yeah... you are right. But ingredients is a really generic name, not so easy to trademark and I like it when people have something to talk about.

The idea for ingrediens has been around for a while and the implementation of its elements is going to be floating scale. I have a lot in the pipeline, yet need to establish some audience and some means for interaction. So here we are.

The site and newsletter you are seeing right now can be regarded as Phase I of the master plan. You gotta have something up your sleeve.

Who is behind this?

All activities here are under the umbrella of a company called indupro. Having been around since 1976, its core business has always been connecting people in the ingredients industry. Within that same philosophy, ingrediens was created.The implementation is different, the goal is the same.

Who am I

The name is Jan van Iperen, broker in fruit juices, concentrates, oils and essences by day... and I am running a couple of side projects... also by day. I know it's weird, but I sleep at night.

Check out and you will see all that is keeping me busy.

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