03 ≫ Working, Meeting and Trade Showing from Home
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03 ≫ Working, Meeting and Trade Showing from Home

Let's first see how much we can do from home... before we start thinking what we're not going to do once we go back.
03 ≫ Working, Meeting and Trade Showing from Home
Brother and sister
Together, we'll make it through
— Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free

With so many people suddenly being forced into video-conferencing, the tools and services available are suddenly being put under the microscope. And with reason.

It is both amazing and funny how we all hockey-stick our learning curves for using these new ways of communication... or at least the diversity and intensity of it. Even my kids need to switch between Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls... while being exposed to an amount of screen time no parent is happy with.

One of my concerns and questions is what the flow will be when we go back again: Back to offices (although I have seen many a company already rethinking whether to renew the lease), back to school (will that digital classroom remain and the additional screen time alike?), back to conventions, trade shows and conferences in person... Right now the latter are being postponed and cancelled. Joining a mass event from your spare bedroom has a different cachet and the dynamics can not be fully replicated online yet.

While I keep this first part more personal, it is also important to keep the business in mind. Past weeks were interesting. It was shown that much can be done from home. Proper multi-person and one on one meetings can be efficient. With consent recording of such meetings can actually really contribute to the impact both in-company and outside.

I learned a lot. Dove deeper in carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture and come to a point where I see the shift in the industry... it's coming. We are slowly going back to our roots. Covid-19 helped a lot for consumers to see the importance of local and actually making food yourself, but there is also a trend emerging in the multinationals.
More and more they understand that transparency and intrinsic sustainability can only be achieved by seeing where they stand, feeling and mapping out how deep and far their roots reach. And what they touch.

It also means that we need tools for that and we need to learn from many different experts how to best use those tools.

Although the situation is dire, the ripples it creates will make some very positive waves. I hope that you can share that feeling.

Stay Safe.


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Thrilling Tech



AppHarvest's facility uses less water than traditional farming while yielding 40x more food. A 10-acre rainwater retention pond completely eliminates agricultural runoffs such as toxic algae blooms.
JvI: One of the many examples of indoor farming where waste simply does not exist and every element is being used to the fullest. We're going to see much more of this and soon in more open urban locations.

Farm21 Announces New Affordable Smart Farming Solution

Soil and microclimate conditions vary from location to location. Even in a single field soil type, crop type, wet spots, low spots, hills, and numerous other factors can influence field conditions. This is why measuring at a single point is not enough. A single Farm21’s field sensor measures soil moisture at three depths, soil temperature, air temperature, and air humidity. The low price of €79 - per sensor allows growers to create multiple measurement points per field.
JvI: I really like their approach. Eventually prices will come down even further and the efficiency of our food supply chains will be increased already in the field. This is part of that custom taste profile we will see in the near future.

Provision Analytics raises $3.2m to expand food safety data platform

Provision Analytics has just raised $3.2 million in private equity ($1.5 million) and grant ($1.7 million) funding to build out its digital tool for food safety and traceability. Included in its application is a custom form builder than can drag and drop new data such as employee temperatures and symptoms on the way in and out of the building so they can know who touched what.
JvI: Yes... this is the future and the new way things will be in food integrity. Full traceability in detail. Not just a pure path to consumer trust, but also the measures that will put quality control by third parties in a whole different light.

Seductive Screentime



Blinkist lets you read the key lessons from 3000+ nonfiction books in 15 min or fewer. Start your free trial today and find out how.
JvI: We all are scrambling for extra time and for certain literature a shortcut is a welcome solution. Blinkist services that perfectly.

This is a sponsored listing.

Epicurious Basic Skills Challenge

What happens when 50 people are asked to perform an expert cooking skill? You get: Tears! Laughter!
JvI: Laughing while learning... this is good entertainment.

Virtual Event - Agricultural Support Reform and GHG Emissions

Governments spend over $US 700 billion dollars per year on agricultural  support measures such as subsidies, border price distortions and investments in raising productivity.  Agriculture and land use change contribute close to a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions policy makers have little information on the implications of agricultural support for emissions.
This seminar examines the links between agricultural support and emissions from agriculture to help guide policy reforms that lower emissions, reduce poverty and improve nutrition.
JvI: IFPRI does amazing research and has some very bright minds... well, has mostly very bright minds amongst its employees. Their web seminars are highly recommended.

Analogue and Off-line

Disney Just Released its Churro Recipe So You Can Make it From Home

This recipe is inspired by the delicious snack that can be found at all of their parks across the globe.
JvI: Besides all the bread baking and fermentation projects... you need something sweet too!

Over the Fence


A worldwide community for houseplant lovers. Discover plants you love and learn how to keep them happy, find similar plants, share your plants with us and watch the video tutorials from the community.
JvI: Why I mention this is that aside from all the bigger platforms, this kind of specific niche community building and shared learning is what will be the new trend. We already see similar trends in food and beverage where new communities rise around a certain diet (keto, vegan) or pattern (intermittent fasting).

Chinese Tech Giants Tencent, Baidu, Huawei, Others Part Of Country's National Blockchain Committee

President Xi Jinping had called for more research and innovation in blockchain technology in October last year. "Greater effort should be made to strengthen basic research and boost innovation capacity to help China gain an edge in the theoretical, innovative, and industrial aspects of this emerging field," Xi said at the time.
JvI: Just like the Corona virus, it is hard NOT to talk about blockchain. The rates of adaption and adoption seem to pick up, as well as the areas of implementation. Implementation, not testing. This stuff moves.

🧠 Food for Thought

Facing devastating losses, small farmers pivot to sell directly to consumers

For many farmers, March is the calm before the storm of spring. But this year, in addition to ordering seeds and planning crops, small farmers around the country are finding themselves with very different tasks as the coronavirus outbreak upends their worlds: They’re remaking business plans, marketing new offerings and rewriting their sanitation rules.
JvI: Again, I hope this contributes to better appreciation of what farmers do. Not just for the food supply chain, but for their community, for Mother Earth. And it shows the struggle of this and future generations of farmers, something we must not forget.

The Herb Garden Gives You The Independence Of Growing Produce In Your Own Home

The Herb Garden takes a modular approach to indoor gardening. With a self-sufficient system that takes care of all your plant’s needs, a hydroponics water tank that lets you grow plants without soil, and a pod-based system that allows you to plug in and grow as many as 39 different herbs at the same time, the Herb Garden is the equivalent of having an entire backyard orchard, but in a form factor that’s just 30 inches long and nearly 8 inches wide.
JvI: On one hand this is great, but then again... should we not keep at least some elements in our house disconnected? Is talking to plants and trees actually going to be a household thing? "Alexa, water my Cilantro."

— ⦿ —

If you made it this far and you're all warm and fuzzy... be the cool kid and tell your friends. Even The Fonz would be proud of you!

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