impacting ingredients

No matter whether it is in quarantine or out in the open while respecting social distancing advice... we need to move forward.

Easy said... not so easy done. The more people I speak, the more it becomes obvious that this thing has a long tail. The implications for the coming months and for the long run are still very unsure, but just looking at the unemployment rate spiking everywhere, it is going to tough... and rough.

But the only way is forward. If there is a time when sitting still will not be rewarded

Is there any time for that? Yes. Sitting still. Contemplating, letting things rest, giving thoughts time is just as essential in these times. Keep your mental sanity, search for silence in your (somewhat) crowded home. Put on noise-cancelling headphones or go on a nature walk, alone.

it is now. This is the time to pick up the phone, call friends and relations, check if they are well and ask. Ask how they feel, what they see happening, what they are doing. And then see what you can do together or how you can help each other.

In order to move forward we need each other, we need to reconnect.

While self-isolation is one of the answers to this pandemic, getting (back) together in business is the answer to safeguard our futures.

Pick up that phone, reconnect.

Stay Safe.


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