04 ≫ Build Stuff
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04 ≫ Build Stuff

We seem confined by the many rules and regulations that both safeguard and restrict the industry.
04 ≫ Build Stuff
Time to get busy, such a lot to do
Building and fixing till it's good as new
Bob and the gang have so much fun
Working together, they get the job done
— Bob the Builder

My mind is creative. I am very opportunity and solution driven. Always looking over the fence one of my powers lies in being able to address problems with a perspective that is out of the box. You can understand that the past weeks were fuel to the fire.

But where idea creation sometimes is just that... I now add action to thought. More than ever it is time to build stuff.

And putting things out there, sharing the ideas and thoughts without any secrecy, building an MVP and see if gets traction is the only way to see what works.

In the ingredients industry there is a limitation in that regard. We seem confined by the many rules and regulations that both safeguard and restrict the industry. But it is also the reason many new products are being initialized behind closed doors, with blind tasting panels and a disconnect from the consumer.

One of the nice things of many people shifting to more local consumption (even ordering directly from the restaurant, rather than through the in between platforms like GrubHub and the likes) is that the producer – consumer conversation returns. Direct feedback on current products, requests for other or new products, just a more personal touch for both sides.

And again I look into other industries.
The indie hackers community (mostly sole or small team entrepreneurs) that scratches their own itches or solves bigger problems is very much used to building stuff out in the open. Every step or even intended step is being documented publicly, to receive feedback from peers and potential customers, increasing productivity and efficiency towards the best service or product.

And we live in an era in which this is possible. The strength of such communities overpowers the threats linked to the archaic approaches. I would love to see more of that transposed into the Food and Beverage communities. Artisinal breweries and coffee roasters seem to get it already.

Personally I am throwing the ideas out there, discussing them publicly and testing the water. This newsletter is one of those, an invigorating online event for the ingredients industry (INGREDICON) is another. I am packaging my workflow for quickly and easily generating newsletter content (like for juice news) in order to offer it as a service.
And it all comes down to 1 thing: connecting people. Whether it is in real life or virtually, the way we connect and inspire each other still allows for much improvement and enrichment. Sharing knowledge to open doors, either for yourself or for others. Karma does the rest.

Being more open and inviting is one way to increase the yield.
What are you building?

Here is my question to you: What do you like about this newsletter? What do you hate about it? What is missing? Be blunt, be sincere, be specific (pictures too big, too much personal stuff, I want more detailed info on XYZ), I will regard it all as constructive feedback.
Please reply to this email or if reading online, send it to impact@ingrediens.com

Stay Safe.


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Thrilling Tech


Corteva Agriscience, PowerPollen Announce Commercial Agreement

Corteva will license the on-demand pollination technology and gain access to PowerPollen’s prescriptive pollination expertise and algorithms that inform producers of the optimal pollination timing to increase seed yield, purity and quality.
JvI: I am still on the fence when it comes to this DowDupont spinoff. Like with their peers, it sometimes feels that all good intentions are green-washing rather than intrinsic moves towards a better world. When they kick out all chemicals I might be convinced.

Elevated Signals Shows How Technology Provides Great Benefits to Agriculture

Today's crop grower is more likely to carry an iPad than a pitchfork and consult a data platform instead of an almanac.
JvI: I've said it before: It is all about seeking the ultimate cross-pollination between different techniques, possibilities and mentalities. So much can be automated and optimized.

Seductive Screentime



Blinkist lets you read the key lessons from 3000+ nonfiction books in 15 min or fewer. Start your free trial today and find out how.
JvI: We all are scrambling for extra time and for certain literature a shortcut is a welcome solution. Blinkist services that perfectly.

This is a sponsored listing.

20 Agriculture Apps You Should Know in 2020 and Beyond

These apps will help you farm smarter and do your job more efficiently this year.
JvI: From "meh" to "wow!" but at least it gives a good insight what farmers are possibly using... For me the challenge and opportunity is incorporate the data from the fields into the systems of the stakeholders further downstream.

The Need to GROW Documentary Captures the Root of Agriculture’s Problem

Following the interconnected stories of three unique individuals, The Need to GROW ($) documentary aims to explore some of the deeply-rooted issues in agriculture. The film highlights agriculture’s impacts on people and the planet, as well as some human-driven solutions working towards food system change.
JvI: Watch, absorb, form your own opinion... I love this kind of movies. Whether you agree or not, it sparkles the brain with new insights. The outlier stories that could push many.

Analogue and Off-line

Raw Food Hub fills COVID-19 gap

With many local farmer's markets forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Raw Food Hub founder Josh Allen saw a chance to pioneer a new method of connecting with consumers, resulting in the the Raw Food Hub.
"At Raw Food Hub every genuine human relationship we develop with both our customers and our suppliers is personalized to deliver experiences along with the highest quality product in a way that big industry players will never be able to achieve."
JvI: One of the big trends in many industries... solutions for affinity groups. This is a perfect example.

Over the Fence

Is Climate Tech Different Enough From the Cleantech of Old?

New interest brings with it new nomenclature, and the sectors once labeled as alternative energy, renewable energy, and cleantech are now “climate tech.” Whatever we call it, there’s an opportunity for new technologies to get funded, for new business models to thrive, and ideally for us all to reduce emissions and perhaps even remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
JvI: Times change, and so opinions and perceptions. This is not just about the same with a different name, but most about different awareness and mentality with many of the stakeholders.

🧠 Food for Thought

It’s Time To Build

Part of the problem is clearly foresight, a failure of imagination. But the other part of the problem is what we didn’t do in advance, and what we’re failing to do now. And that is a failure of action, and specifically our widespread inability to build.
In fact, I think building is how we reboot the American dream. The things we build in huge quantities, like computers and TVs, drop rapidly in price. The things we don’t, like housing, schools, and hospitals, skyrocket in price. What’s the American dream? The opportunity to have a home of your own, and a family you can provide for. We need to break the rapidly escalating price curves for housing, education, and healthcare, to make sure that every American can realize the dream, and the only way to do that is to build.
JvI: To me, the dynamics of the tech, indie hacking and VC atmosphere in Silicon Valley is still invigorating. There is a lot to say against certain practices there (the money burning with VC investments being one) but there is a lot to learn as well. A16Z's thought leadership is worth the reading, even if it's just to get triggered

— ⦿ —

If you made it this far and you're all warm and fuzzy... be the cool kid and tell your friends. Even The Fonz would be proud of you!

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