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The Food Supply Chain of today is way beyond what we thought it would be 10 years ago. Everything from soil to fork is being influenced by tremendous changes.
What is impacting the ingredients industry? Who is impacting the industry? How are we impacting the ingredients industry? Which ingredients are having impact?

The Food Supply Chain of today is way beyond what we thought it would be 10 years ago. Everything from soil to fork is being influenced by tremendous changes.

But looking at it today... we also see that the systems in place are not optimal. COVID-19 was something we were not prepared for and this is the period in which we face the weaknesses of our food supply chains in most confronting ways.

And what I am doing? I am starting a new channel (2 actually) that tries to give a bit more insight in that world of ingredients, everything between soil and consumer.

I have been playing around with the idea for ingrediens for quite a while. Somehow, right now seems the right time to get it in motion and see whether there is a place for it.

You are reading the first edition of iMPACTING iNGREDIENTS: a weekly compilation of news, opinion and relevant light reading material that should help generate a better view on the ingredients industry as is... and its future.
You can read it online at ingrediens.com or in conveniently in your inbox, as a newsletter. It is somewhat longer format, something to read over coffee/tea on a Sunday morning.

On top of that I am starting the iMPACTING iNGREDIENTS podcast. An (also weekly)  podcast that brings you background and insight in the ingredients industry, straight from the people who have an impact on it, discussing what is impacting it.

The trailer was just published and is being distributed to the different platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.). Just keep an eye on ingredients.fm and you will see where it is available.

Whether you sign up there or here, you will receive the newsletters and details on the podcasts through the ingrediens.com domain.
With the idea that more services will be added over the coming months/years, I do not want to make it more complicated.

Okay, quick intermezzo here... talking about more complicated. People who know me will question these new endeavors and that is totally justified. Yes, indupro is still in the brokerage business. But... our motto of connecting people in ingredients is broad and I see my personal strengths only flourishing when venturing into other yet related fields. This was why I joined The New Fork back in 2018.
In the end – by means of information, online services, open talks, insights and addressing the ingredients industry as a whole – indupro's motto maintains; as does our cross polinating position within the industry.

Alright, that's enough for the personal part... please read on for the bits and pieces that actually make this newsletter what it is. ↓

See you next week, same time same place. And while you are at home, you can still spread something: your love for this initiative. Thanks for sharing.

Stay safe!


PS iMPACTING iNGREDIENTS is a weekly newsletter created and facilitated by one person (for now).
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Thrilling Tech


GUSS: Autonomous Orchard Sprayers

GUSS keeps modern ag businesses moving — row after row, field after field, day or night. A single employee can monitor up to 8 GUSS sprayers at a time from the comfort and safety of a pickup truck using a laptop computer.

Blockchain could transform supply chains, aid in COVID-19 fight

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published guidelines for the coronavirus pandemic, listing blockchain managers in food and agricultural distribution as ‘critical infrastructure workers’.

The tool, best known in the cryptocurrency sector, could be useful in managing (amongst others) medical supply chains.

Seductive Screentime



Blinkist lets you read the key lessons from 3000+ nonfiction books in 15 min or fewer. Start your free trial today and find out how.
JvI: We all are scrambling for extra time and for certain literature a shortcut is a welcome solution. Blinkist services that perfectly.

This is a sponsored listing.


This Netflix docuseries travels deep into the heart of the food supply chain to reveal unsavory truths and expose hidden forces that shape what we eat.
JvI: Even when active in the food industry and aware that there is this back-story most people do not know about... this series still amazes me with every episode. Besides the harsh realities, there is always a good education portion that plainly explains how a certain food sector operates.


Snap your food shopping receipt with Evocco and get your sustainability score immediately.  The Evocco score gives you the best food option based on nutrition and climate impact.
JvI: Apps like these, created by a UN Young Champion of the World like Hugh Weldon are a good indication of what collective data can do. Not just for a user but for the bigger picture. We need more of that.

Analogue and Off-line

"SILK FOOD" by Ellie Turns Silkworms Into Burgers, Dips, Fries & More

Ellie, a Tokyo-based food production company, champions the silkworm as a sustainable source of food. In Japan, silkworms and the sericulture industry was once performed by 40% of its farmers, contributing to the modernization of Japan as we know it.
Silkworms could be the all-new sustainable food trend if “SILK FOOD” by Ellie takes off.

Japanese Chef Carves Fruits & Veggies Into True Pieces Of Art

The Kobe-based Japanese chef Takehiro Kishimoto has long been practicing mukimono -- the Japanese art of carving decorative food garnishing. But it wasn't until he discovered the Thai version of fruit and veggie carving that he was able to take his passion to the next level. The photos show it all.

Over the Fence

Alibaba Imports E-Commerce Platform Adopts Blockchain Traceability System

The integration of Ant Financial’s blockchain in the Koala platform allows online buyers to find out the purchasing goods detailed logistic information through scanning a QR code with Alipay.
JvI: The speed at which new tech integration in a large scale platform like that of Alibaba showcases how everything datapoint can be put to use. Blockchain allows for quicker and easier insights in those huge collections of (immutable) data. We need to look into the developments in other markets to up the game in our ingredients industry.

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🧠 Food for Thought

The hidden cost of food delivery

The food delivery ecosystem suffers from a lack of differentiation, compounded by an opaque and confusing web of markups and fees.
JvI: I like the deep dive into this, but the article is lacking the ripple effect this trend has: Convenience comes at a high price for those further up the supply chain closer to the source. Definitely food for thought.

Is carbon farming a climate boon, or boondoggle?

Programs that pay farmers to sequester carbon in their soil are ramping up. But a growing chorus of skeptics cautions that the results may not live up to the hype: New studies reveal that even long-accepted carbon sequestration practices may not yield hoped-for climate benefits.
JvI: Another elaborate perspective on a topic that many may not even be aware of, but which should have every company's attention. Ands usual with relative new practices: Buyer Beware!

It’s the new world order, folks. Farmers can take the punches, or they can farm smarter. More data, more AI, and more chemical-spraying robots.
WIRED 2016




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